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Join us for Lab Live: Sustainability

Thursday 13 May | 2pm

This online event highlighted some of the leading sustainable practices, products and initiatives within the laboratory industry and give you practical advice on improving the environmental friendliness of your company.

We heard from leading companies such as Greenlight Laboratories, Kimberly-Clark and University College London.

Lab Live: Sustainability - on-demand now

Keynote Speakers

We heard from two fantastic keynotes during this event!

Martin Farley, Sustainable Laboratory Advisor, UCL

Andy Evans, Director at Green Light Laboratories

Keynote Speaker

Alicia Chenoweth, Research Associate, Kings College London

Antibody Fc Engineering: Designing Antibodies for Covid-19, Cancer, and Beyond

Speaker Bio: Dr Alicia Chenoweth is a postdoctoral Research Associate in the Cancer Antibody Discovery and Immunotherapy group led by Prof. Sophia Karagiannis at King’s College London. Alicia’s research focuses on IgG antibody engineering to improve immune cell function and recruitment in breast cancer, and is funded by Breast Cancer Now.  Alicia studied her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Mark Hogarth at the Burnet Institute and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Her thesis focused on how modifying the Fc region of IgG impacted the interaction with Fc receptors in humans and non-human primates and how this affected inflammatory cell function. Alicia is currently the co-chair for the Antibody Biology and Engineering Gordon Research Seminar, to be held in 2022 in California.

Participating companies

Hosted by

Harriet Gould

Thursday 13 May | 2pm

Harriet Gould, Advertising portfolio contact at the Royal Society of Chemistry

Harriet Gould

Advertising portfolio contact at the Royal Society of Chemistry


LEAF and Sustainable Laboratories

Thursday 13 May | 2pm

Martin Farley, Sustainable Laboratory Advisor, UCL

Session Outline:  Laboratories are extremely energy intensive, and require immense consumption of consumables (often single-use plastics). Much is being done to mitigate these impacts, as green and sustainable lab initiatives grow globally. LEAF, developed by UCL, is a standard in sustainable laboratory operations. It helps users address the sustainability of areas like plastics, equipment, and waste. It has now been launched as an online tool in dozens of institutions. This webinar will include:

  • An introduction to sustainable and green labs
  • How the LEAF standard works, outcomes, and future directions
  • Supporting resources available
  • Questions and discussion

A little bit about Martin…

Martin started working in labs as a technician and researcher, before moving into sustainable labs at the University of Edinburgh in 2013. He initiated similar programmes at King’s College, where he still works as the Sustainable Research Manager. In 2015 he founded Green Lab Associates, through which he supports UCL as their Sustainable Lab Advisor. He initiated and manages the LEAF programme from UCL.

Martin Farley

Sustainable Laboratory Advisor, UCL

Enhancing Your Sustainability Strategy

Thursday 13 May | 2pm

Harleen Chima, Scientific Sales Manager UK, Kimberly-Clark

Rob Hunt, Scientific Sales Manager UK and Ireland, Kimberly-Clark

Session Outline: In our presentation, we consider the impact the pandemic had on our environment and how our behaviour and expectations regarding recycling have changed as a consequence. We will also propose a solution that helps companies achieve their sustainability goals by diverting used PPE from landfills.

A little bit about Harleen…

Since joining Kimberly Clark one year ago, I have been very impressed with how committed the company is to sustainability and to the initiatives they have put in place to achieve their sustainability goals. The RightCycle™ Programme in particular is something I am very passionate about as we are currently the only PPE supplier to offer a PPE recycling scheme. I am eager to work with our customers UK wide in implementing such a great scheme, and helping them to achieve their own sustainability goals!

A little bit about Rob…

I have worked within the Scientific sector for the last 20 years, specialising in organic and non-organic elemental analysis instrumentation. The past 4 years I have been with Kimberly-Clark Professional™, managing the distribution network and the portfolio of the Kimtech™ PPE products, providing class leading contamination control solutions that protect people and process.  I have successfully implemented the Right Cycle™ Programme in a number of commercial and educational establishments to help them reach their sustainability goals.  

Harleen Chima

Scientific Sales Manager UK, Kimberly-Clark

Rob Hunt

Scientific Sales Manager UK and Ireland, Kimberly-Clark

My Favourite Science Fiction Movies & Lab Equipment Sustainability

Thursday 13 May | 2pm

Andy Evans, Director of Green Light Laboratories

Session Outline: We’ll be looking at some of the great Sci-Fi movies that we all love and how they relate to actions any laboratory could take to be sustainable including tips for:

  • Best Practice
  • Procurement
  • Product Performance & Running Costs
  • Greenwashing
  • Total Life Costs & much more…….

A little bit about Andy…

Andy Evans, Director of Green Light Laboratories and the UK’s leading lab sustainability consultant has been in the industry for over 11 years, helping labs identify and solve their sustainability problems. 

Andy Evans

Director of Green Light Laboratories


18 March 2pm GMT

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Sameer Savani

Head of Innovation and Engineering at ADS

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