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Wildcat Laboratory Solutions are providers of small automation systems and consumables for the Biotechnical, Pharmaceutical industries and branches relating to these industries, smaller labs, R&D, Life Sciences and Molecular Biology.

Our range of products include plate sealers, plate labellers, plate stackers, microplates, seals, acrylic manifolds, , solvent evaporators, barcode applicators and much more. Focusing on our technical expertise and the constant development of our products, Wildcat Laboratory Solutions strive to be ahead with cost effective bench top solutions for Laboratory Automation.

kbiosystems has established itself as a leading global
designer and manufacturer of robust, innovative robotic
automation solutions to the life sciences Industry.
Our flexible approach has seen our client portfolio
increase significantly since our inception in 1987 and we
are committed to bringing an after-sales service that is
regarded as one of the best. Our team have a breadth of
knowledge and expertise that enables us to follow the full
cycle of our products from concept design, software,
electrical and mechanical engineering through to final
manufacture and installation.
As well as providing off-the-shelf innovative small
benchtop laboratory automation instruments, we
specialise in custom automation for all industries, plate
and tube sealing technology, barcode printing and
application systems, colony picking instrumentation,
thermal cyclers, software solutions and the OEM supply
of custom design and manufactured products.


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