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SHIELD Scientific is a European company. The headquarters are strategically based in the Netherlands. In Malaysia we have storage space for up to 2000 pallets, whilst logistics management is tightly controlled. The manufactering sites are all certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Ditribution is provided by a network of Master Distributors.
The name of our company, SHIELD Scientific, reflects the particular focus we have on the laboratory and high technology sectors. Our aim is to bring to these markets personal protective equipment that for the first time is adapted to the needs of these segments.
Gloves for medical, industrial and laboratory applications. With our colour coding system, selecting the right SHIELD Scientific laboratory glove, nitrile or latex, becomes now an easy exercise.
Whereas other glove manufacturers may wish to brand their gloves as ISO Class 4 or ISO Class 5, we challenge this paradigm and would ask how classifications for airborne particulates relate to gloves. From the SHIELD Scientific simple branding concept, the user can very clearly see that washing in deionised water provides the essential differentiation in terms of cleanliness properties; DI, DI+ and DI++. With this SHIELD Scientific product brand code, pre-selecting the right gloves become now an easy exercise!

SHIELDskin XTREME™, SHIELDskin CHEM™, SHIELDskin™, ecoSHIELD™ and duoSHIELD™ latex gloves and nitrile gloves brands dedicated to your personal, process and product protection.



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