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The Earth Friendly® Company.

Labcon’s mission is to provide the HIGHEST quality labware with the LOWEST environmental impact
Labcon is the world’s leading manufacturer of Earth Friendly® laboratory consumables. With over 60 years experience, we believe in making great plastic products the right way to support your work. For us, this means producing the highest quality laboratory consumables available with an industry-leading low environmental impact. Since 2000, we reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 89% per case of product through our use of renewable energy, reduction of packaging waste, and the incorporation of sustainable materials like carbon-sequestering bioplastics and recyclable plastics. We offer the highest quality labware on the market by designing, manufacturing, packaging, and sterilizing our products in our highly controlled process at our facility in Petaluma, California, U.S.A.

Of the ~1000 articles we offer, around 150 have the ACT label, some of which showing the lowest (best) score on My Green Lab’s database.
Visit our stand to find out more about sustainability, liquid handling, centrifugation and much more.


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