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C4Hydro is an innovative French company specialising in the management of health risks related to water. Our expertise has enabled us to develop state-of-the-art technology for the detection, marking and enumeration of pathogenic microorganisms present in water.

Based in Marseille, C4Hydro was created in 2014 by Sam Dukan, former director of research in microbiology at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). The company now counts 30 employees, including a team of PhDs in microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics, machine learning, life physics, etc…

The solutions developed by C4Hydro are based on the Diamidex® technology, a major scientific innovation, patented, resulting from French academic research of excellence, and recognized in France and internationally. This is evidenced by the numerous distinctions received, such as the La Recherche prize in 2015 and the publications in Faculty of 1000 and the cover of Angewandt Chemie in 2014. To date, the Diamidex® technology is the only method that can detect the presence in water of living Legionella pneumophila, of all serogroups, in just 48 hours and in complete autonmy. It is therefore the most accurate and efficient alternative to the traditional cultural detection method.

Our expertise today allows us to extend our technology to other water bacteria such as coliforms (including E. coli) and to propose solutions adapted for both professionals and individuals.


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