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Chemishield is a waste management platform that will make your facility safer, greener and more compliant.

Chemishield prevents the mixing of incompatible waste streams, produces CLP compliant labelling, provides management with a suite of analytics showing who is disposing of what, where and when.

Adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies, Chemishield is revolutionizing how facilities dispose of their waste, ridding them of their paper based systems, preventing the wrong waste going into the wrong waste stream, reducing the time it takes for waste disposal, driving operational efficiencies by highlighting inefficiencies regarding waste streams, allowing for optimization of same.

Regarding laboratories, Chemishield prevents the overstocking of waste bottles, properly labels and segregates all of your liquid and solid waste. The two step authentication process ensures you will never put chemical waste into the wrong waste bottle. This prevents costly accidents from occurring. Chemishield will also keep your staff safe outside of your lab as the ability to decant waste into larger waste containers is a key feature of our platform.




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