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Avidity Science is a UK distributor of laboratory equipment and a global manufacturer and supplier of laboratory pure water systems. We are proud to have partnerships with the best in the industry, including NuAire Inc and Systec GmbH, of which we are the exclusive dealers in the UK.

Avidity Science offers a full range of CO2 incubators, Class II Cabinets, Laminar Flow Cabinets, Laboratory Autoclaves, Media Preparators, Laboratory Labelling Systems, Cleaning Chemicals and Pipettes, with the added touch of unrivalled, bespoke and individual customer service.

We are also enthusiastic about designing the ultimate laboratory water system as we imagine you are about your research and results. With sustainability, safety and service in mind, we combine our specialist knowledge to provide a seamless supply of pure water, to never let you or your experiments down. We manufacture a range of Reverse Osmosis, Deionised and Ultrapure water systems with various production rates and tank sizes to cater to your requirements, as well as laboratory space. Pure water is essential to the running of a facility and we ensure our units are the easiest to use, maintain and most importantly, cost effective over the lifespan of the system.



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