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Get to know The Knowlogy Group

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with the entire team at The Knowlogy Group to get to know them and how their roles as a team.

First, we sat down with Stuart, the company director. To get to know the company as a whole and get some insight into what they’re offering at Lab Innovations this year. 

Can you give me a brief overview of The Knowlogy group?

The Knowlogy Group Ltd was established to support life sciences organisations with our team of experienced Quality Assurance managers. Our international expertise spans academia, start-ups, and PLCs. We are committed to sharing knowledge through all our services to help organisations achieve their goals and foster continuous growth.

We understand the challenges organisations face in Quality Assurance. By actively listening and collaborating, we assist in regulatory compliance, improving customer satisfaction, driving continuous improvement, and adding value. When robust data is needed to prove a concept or secure seed funding, we provide the support necessary to achieve this.

Our mission is to equip companies with the knowledge and tools to comply with GRP, GLP, GCP, GCLP, CSV, and ISO standards. We also support data integrity, business development, and leadership, ensuring your organisation thrives.

Can you give me an insight into your role within The Knowlogy?

My role is multifaceted; I serve as the commercial face of the business. I support new and existing customers, ensuring they receive the services and solutions their organisations require. By leveraging our multidisciplinary team to create bespoke solutions tailored to each customer’s needs, I aim to provide the right solution, which may differ from the original enquiry. We avoid cookie-cutter approaches because we understand that every investment must yield a return, especially for SMEs, start-ups, and growing businesses.

I also oversee the sales and marketing functions and manage projects, utilising my skills and knowledge to deliver on Knowlogy’s values and vision. Our mission is to impart knowledge and training, leaving our customers in a strong position. As an ILM executive coach and mentor, I work directly with leadership teams, guiding them as they grow from single founders to businesses with over 200 employees. Having a trusted partner to support them truly makes a difference.

Have you had any impact on your exhibiting at Lab Innovations? Will you be attending?

I am leading our project this year and am thrilled about our expanded presence. In 2023, we had a modest stand, and the event was a great success, prompting us to secure a larger space this year. We are excited to showcase our new consultancy services for ISO 9001, ISO 15189, and ISO 17025, adding a new dimension to our offerings alongside our new online training courses. Our founder, Cate Ovington, and SEO Quality Manager, Elaine McLachlan will join me. We look forward to engaging with fellow exhibitors and exploring their innovations.

 Can you tease any upcoming projects to the Lab Innovations audience?

We are excited to work with a start-up foundation supporting innovation gene and drug spin-offs. It’s early days, but these start-ups are working on some fascinating areas which would be beneficial on a global scale. Our contacts with exhibitors at the show will allow us to connect people.

Where do you see the future of the Lab industry going?

Significant technological advancements and a shift towards personalised medicine mark the future of the lab industry in the UK. Automation and AI are revolutionising lab processes, enhancing accuracy, and reducing turnaround times, while digital pathology enables remote analysis and collaboration. The rise of genomics and biobanking supports personalised medicine, driving demand for sophisticated lab services. Additionally, the emphasis on regulatory compliance and quality assurance ensures that labs maintain high standards, fostering trust and reliability in their services. The integration with broader healthcare systems and increased collaborative research efforts further propel the industry forward, making it an integral part of patient care management and scientific innovation.

Sustainability is becoming a focal point, with labs adopting eco-friendly practices and developing green labs to reduce waste and energy consumption. This trend aligns with the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The need for a highly skilled workforce underscores the importance of continuous training in emerging technologies. Increased investment and funding in healthcare and life sciences sectors bolster the industry’s growth, positioning the UK as a global leader in lab innovation.

Next, we sat with Cate, Joe & Elaine to get to know the rest of the team and their role within The Knowlogy Group.

Can you give me an overview of your role within The Knowlogy.

Cate – As the Founder and Managing Director I’m the driving force behind our core value to provide knowledge and tools to all our clients. I’m usually the first contact for potential clients and to understand what their requirements are including looking at problems or challenges to propose solutions. Although the founder I remain hands-on on working with clients either through consultancy, or training and providing an audit service covering research quality systems, pre-clinical, GLP, GCP laboratories and GCP.

Elaine – As a Quality Consultant at The Knowlogy, I specialise in ISO 15189, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and GCLP requirements. I guide laboratories in meeting regulatory and ISO requirements through services such as training, audits, QMS implementation, or optimisation. With years of experience working in a wet lab setting, I understand the significance of a robust Quality Management System (QMS) and the challenges laboratories face regarding Quality Assurance and compliance. My goal is to simplify the laboratory’s path to compliance and add value to the laboratory’s work.

Joe – At The Knowlogy, I serve as the QA Manager and CSV Specialist, where I provide consultancy and advice on optimising computerised system validation (CSV) processes in accordance with GxP regulations. My role involves managing projects to ensure delivery and adherence to our quality standards. Additionally, I conduct comprehensive laboratory audits, plan, and execute training programs, and represent the company at various industry events. By leveraging my extensive background in regulatory laboratory environments, Information Technology (IT) and CSV, I help drive innovation and maintain compliance within laboratory operations.

Where do you see the future of the Lab industry going?

Cate – The future of the lab industry is poised to be significantly influenced by technological advancements and a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental impact. During my time, advancements in techniques with automation and robotics, and AI and machine learning for data analysis and process have been significant, and I can only foresee that this will continue, possibly at a greater pace, creating more efficient labs and accurate data. Having been a consultant since 2017, my role has moved from always working with clients on-site to only being onsite if there is a definite need, with remote consultancy and auditing being more commonplace. Even with learning the industry is moving away from traditional classrooms to technology-based learning from on-demand e-learning to immersive digital simulation (Virtual and Augmented Reality)

Elaine – The advancements in mRNA vaccines and therapies, personalized medicine, CRISPR genome editing therapy, and the use of AI in medical research are constantly making headlines, along with the urgent issue of climate change. The future is all about change and agility — the ability to manage and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape becomes vital for the lab industries. The ISO 19001:2015/Amd 1:2024 standard emphasizes the need to address climate change within the Quality Management System (QMS). Furthermore, the latest ISO 15189:2022 update stresses the importance of identifying and managing risks that could impact patients. To thrive, laboratories should adopt a risk-based approach to their QMS and establish a robust change management system.

Joe – The future of the lab industry is poised for significant advancements driven by digital transformation and increased regulatory demands. I foresee a continued shift towards integrating advanced data analytics, AI, and automation to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory processes. Labs will increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions for better data management and remote collaboration, ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. Additionally, sustainability will play a crucial role, with labs striving to minimize their environmental impact through greener practices and technologies. Overall, the industry will become more interconnected, data-driven, and environmentally conscious, leading to improved outcomes and innovations in scientific research and development.

Thank you so much for the insightful and engaging discussion from Stuart, Cate, Elaine and Joe. It’s clear that The Knowlogy Group is making significant strides in supporting the life sciences industry, driven by a strong commitment to quality and innovation. Make sure to head over to their stand at Lab Innovations this year to meet the team in person!

Find out more about their company here, and their Lab Innovations profile is here.


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